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JOSS ( they / them )

energy work


Energy Reset

Tues: 12 - 6p

15 mins :: $25


Have your energy centers balanced while resting on a massage chair, and reset your flow to break unwanted habits or cycles. This brings an increased sense of well-being and self confidence, soothing blockages that keep you from you from maneuvering effortlessly through the obstacles of daily life.


Release & Manifest

Tues: 12 - 6p

75 mins :: $180


Energy accumulates in different parts of the body in response to our experiences, affecting inner balance. Through guiding the current of your energetic flow, an intuitive energy worker and reiki master helps remove these blockages. This increases your natural ability to process trauma and heal. In this session, you'll also set intentions on what you'd like to reflect emotionally / physically in your daily life and focus on manifesting new capabilities within the body to harness your highest potential. This can often include messages or the company of spirits to be communicated to you. A session is done on a massage table by placing hands on or above the body while you are fully clothed; incorporating essential oils, crystals, or sound depending on the intention of the treatment. This helps you gain clarity and positivity that you can carry throughout your day.


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Amber ( she / they )

body work


Functional Integration

Tues: 12 - 6p

50 min :: $60 - 90 Sliding Scale


Somatic body awareness education is a tool for adaptability. Using gentle movement, touch and rest, sessions strengthen your understanding of your individual anatomical landscape. Lessons focus on discovering sustainable patterns that feel right for the client and avoid addressing them with pathologizing ideas about themselves. This work is recommended for anyone who is interested in deep self-inquiry, effective self-care and greater autonomy.


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Tai (she / her)

body work


Craniosacral Therapy

Wed: 3 - 6p

40 min :: $40 - $125 Sliding Scale

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a healing modality that takes your nervous system out of the sympathetic state and into the parasympathetic state. The transition from fight-flight to rest-digest is imperative to healing.


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Luz (she / they)

movement / breath work


Rhythm & Breath

Wed: 5 - 8p

60 min :: $75 - $125 Sliding Scale


Rhythm & Breath is based on Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan. This yoga uses Asana (yoga postures), Pranayam (breathing techniques), Mantra (use of sound to alter thought patterns and brain chemistry), Mudra (hand positions to channel energy flow) and Meditation (quieting the mind to promote mental clarity and self-awareness). Rhythm & Breath breaks through blockages in our charka system (energy vortices along the spine), alter our life condition and heal lifetimes of karma. This leads to a more fulfilled, integrated, and prosperous life.


Sacred Movement Therapy

Wed: 5 - 8p

60 min :: $75 - $125 Sliding Scale


Sacred Movement Therapy is the psycho-therapeutic use of the dance, art, music, and movement. The arts are used as a catalyst to draw suppressed memories to the forefront of consciousness so that they can be healed. Verbal processing concludes each session integrating the experience into body, mind and spirit.


Sufi Healing

Wed: 5 - 8p

60 min :: $75 - $125 Sliding Scale


Sufi healing is body worked based in the Islamic mystical tradition of the Sufis. In the Sufi belief system, all physical ailments and "dis-ease" have origin in the heart. In a Sufi healing, the heart is healed through the laying on of hands. Divine Light and Love are transmitted through the practice of remembrance, the Sufi practice of incantation.


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TATIANA ( she / her)



Crystal Tarot Readings

Tues, Wed: 12 - 6p

15 mins :: $27


Crystal Tarot Readings. Allow me to lead you in a consultation with the divine universal energy via Crystal Tarot Cards. These cards will not only make the messages the universe has been trying to send you much more clear, but it will also tell you which crystals can aid you in your healing process. Problem and solution! Choose one direct card or blast into the past, present and then future with a 3 card reading. After your reading you can purchase a handcrafted adornment with your crystals you need and/or opt in for an energy cleansing to better prepare you for whats to come!


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SONIA ( she / her )

Energy work



Mon - Fri: 5 - 6:30p

Sat - Sunday 12 - 6p

90 mins :: $150


Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It is administered by "laying on hands" while the client is fully clothed. Through adjustments in one's "life force energy" we can create mental, emotional, and physical improvements in the body.


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Yuj (all pronouns)

energy / sound / body work


Auric Field Reading

Tues, Thurs - Sun: 

12 - 6p

60 mins :: $100


Tapping into the individual's astral body through cymatic patterns based on color, rhythm, form, and light to access memories stored in the meridians and energetic centers of the individual to discern clarity and resolution to what is causing imbalance and stagnation in their well-being. (This type of session is focused only on YOUR auric field, hence I am not focused on channeling from your soul group and guides. If a message/channel is open, it will be addressed for vital reflections.


Energetic Alignment

Tues, Thurs - Sun: 

12 - 6p

90 mins :: $175


A form of activating the connections amongst the energetic "bodies" (auric field), psychic centers (chakras) , and energetic pathways (meridians) of a being. The Energetic Alignment session tunes a being's vibratory field to a state of deep healing. It can surface emotional and mental imbalances causing one to release, rejuvenate, and recalibrate as their mindbody enters into innate quantum-healing mechanisms throughout the session. A fusion of breathwork, vocal toning, and pranic movement allows the facilitator to guide the recipient's energetic field into sacred alignments within their aura, chakras, and the interconnected relationship inbetween them all. The session reestablishes a harmonious state of well-being on multidimensional levels. Each being is unique to their frequency and journey through this life, therefore each experience is different than the next as harmony is a mixture of grounding, uplifting, expanding, contracting, and encompassing.


Massage Bodyworks

Tues, Thurs - Sun: 

12 - 6p

60 mins :: $100


A fusion of Ayurvedic, Reflexology, Accupressure, Swedish Massage, and fascia muscle massages.

Full body $100/60

Back Massage $45/60



Tues, Thurs - Sun: 

12 - 6p

60 mins :: $100


$100 minimum