The DEN is a poc only space that highlights queer trans/gender non conforming creatives of color. We vend products from local artisans, feature visual artists monthly, host events /rituals, offer private sessions from local practitioners, and provide coworking space. We are a gathering place centered on the healing, joy, and growth of our qtpoc community.

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Joss (they, them) + McKenzie (she/her) , the founders of metaDEN

meta perpetuates deliberate consciousness

and creative healing

away from the oppression of society’s norms


Connecting through shared experience

We each have something to learn from a different perspective. meta fosters collaborations between artists and healers, that showcase each other’s mastery. Join us in pack ritual and discussions to unpack feels, theories, and understandings. Go on a journey through our ever changing experiences at the DEN.

Cultivating Warriors

We believe in a structure where we, the melinated, build each other up and sustain that mutual growth. We’re all trying to make our way through this reality, why not make it a glorious production. Come recharge spiritually, mentally, and physically - remember the power of our ancestry. It’s time to tap into healing experiences and mobilize our efforts towards ascension.

Unified by a love and need for community

The awareness of what each of us can contribute to the betterment of this society seems to be perking up, and just at the right time. It’s a mess out there y’all. Let’s come together and build sacred spaces to cut the static. We need more hubs where queer, trans/gnc, folx of color can comfortably expand.